What is massage

and what are the benefits

Massage – adopted from French massage. It is originally derived from the Greek massein (to knead) or from the Arabic mass (to touch) or from the Hebrew mahach (to touch, to touch). Massage is a form of influence on the human body which uses mechanical stimuli (hand or foot, caused by special apparatuses or using various objects or substances), mainly in the form of pressure, impact or vibration on the tissues, in order to cause physiological reactions in the body, having a healing, prophylactic, relaxing or cosmetic effect.

We often ignore the warning signals that our body sends us, even though it whispers or even screams for help.

To me, massage is an art of communication between the masseur and the patient´s body that happens through touch. It is an application of techniques which introduce micro-impulses, stimulating the body to activate its own restorative and healing powers.

The benefits of the treatment are clearly convincing. The rewards are obvious: detox, vitality, pain soothing, and a body that feels like you have been reborn.

Are you ready to start working with me and to fight for yourself – as you are your greatest treasure that will stand by you for a lifetime?

Your body, emotions and feelings need the right balance.

I will help you to achieve it.

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