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Special relaxation technique that impacts emotions and mind of the patient. This is an intense form of massage that reaches into subconsciousness and soothes your Chakras.

Manual techniques that reach deep tissue, identifies the problem and solves it. It has an intense effect that stimulates the whole body.

Relaxing massage that promotes calmness and helps the patient to rest and feel good. This massage is relatively less intense.

Classic massage technique that aims to relax muscles, alleviate pain after physical exercise, or to prepare the body for an intense physical effort, depending on a type of sport/ activity. The goal is to boost performance and mitigate injuries.

Special holistic practice that targets pressure points on the feet and the hands. Applying pressure on different points that correspond with various organs in the body and stimulate their regeneration. This massage is individually tailored to each clients´ needs and situation, and it activates healing processes in the body.

Targeting one specific body part.

Personalised plan for exercise and stretching that improves fitness and endurance. Regular exercise relieves muscle tension.

The treatment in which special cups are put on the skin to create the vacuum using a rubber pump. A suction is created in the area on the skin where the cups were placed. Cupping increases blood circulation, has firming effects and stimulates detox.

Relaxing, calming massage of the chosen body part (head/neck, hands, palms, legs, feet) for busy clients who want to indulge themselves in a brief wellness treatment.

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Commuting to the client: CHF 1/km

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